Knowledge Crossing Borders: Engaging the Changes and Challenges of Global Citizenship

Call for Proposals

Tuesday May 31 – Friday June 3, 2016

Location: West Chester University of Pennsylvania

Please submit your proposals at


Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis:
Date Proposal Submitted to Website / Acceptance Notification
December 1 / January 19
December 18 / January 31
January 1 / February 15


This fourth Knowledge Crossing Borders 2016/ Congreso Internacional sobre Educación Superior (CIESUP) conference offers opportunities to build and expand on the cumulative knowledge of the last three conferences centered on the mission of: building a sustainable future through global partnerships in higher education.
While there is much to celebrate about the general progress in the world to reduce poverty and inequality, increase cooperation and reconciliation, and foster the freedom of more and more people to innovate and prosper, any day’s headlines inform us of conflicts, insecurities and unresolved issues that persist. The focus of this year’s conference is to share our many responses to the question: how do we work together to engage the changes and challenges of global citizenship?

Proposals should be related to at least one of the following five topics of inquiry:
Cross-Cultural Immersion Experiences and Learning Outcomes
Our Physical World: Sustainability and the Environment
International Business and Entrepreneurial Activities
Arts, Humanism and Culture
Health, Well Being and Quality of Life

Detailed descriptions of topics are on the website:

Any questions, email:
Thank you!

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